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Quirky Tea Facts

  • In the UK we consume about 130,000 tonnes of tea a year of which at least 95% is in teabags.
  • One hectare of tea is planted out with approximately 12,000 tea bushes. Depending on its location these bushes can produce up to 3,000kgs of black tea in a year.
  • One bush produces 250grams of black tea a year, which is equal to one pack of Typhoo 80s.
  • Each bush will take about five days to produce enough tea for a Typhoo tea bag.
  • To produce our 2.9 billion tea bags we sell annually, we need approximately 40 million tea bushes or over 3300 hectares of tea.
  • Ty.phoo was the first brand to be sold pre-packaged rather than loose over the counter. At the time, it was believed to have medicinal qualities and was sold through chemists' shops.
  • The slogan on the first label read 'Ty.phoo, the tea that doctors recommend.'
  • The beverage's curative qualities were ascribed to the purity of Ty.phoo's 'leaf-edge' tea, compared to more ordinary varieties.
  • During World War 1, when the Government bought up and rationed tea stocks, Ty.phoo inserted circulars into packs urging customers to complain. The 'tea controller', deluged with letters, finally relented and Ty.phoo was made freely available.
  • Cold tea is good for taking the sting out of sunburn.
  • Brunettes can add shine to their hair by rinsing it in cold tea.
  • To refresh tired eyes you can place a used cold tea bag on the closed eyelids while resting.